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MPLS TE Basics

Hi all,

I started learning MPLS-TE, i just have basics Questions:

1.Economic impact of MPLS TE?

2.the difference between MPLS TE and ATM TE?

3.the difference between MPLS TE and load-balancing`?

4.Is there free Simulatin Software to simulate MPLS Network.with TE QoS...etc

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: MPLS TE Basics

Good luck with your studies; I will give you my perspective of your questions. Since your questions are general there is no specific answer.

1. Economic impact of MPLS TE?

MPLS TE uses the existing mpls network, and you can replace your copper circuits with MPLS TE tunnels.

What MPLS TEs giving you is guaranteed BW as in a dedicated copper circuit.

2. The difference between MPLS TE and ATM TE?

I am not sure about ATM TE, MPLS TE can be signaled over various media such as POS, leased lines etc.

3. The difference between MPLS TE and load-balancing`?

You can have two MPLS TEs load balancing, such as for a given destination a source can go via Tunnel 1 and Tunnel 2 for two flows.

Hope this helps



New Member

Re: MPLS TE Basics


I'll try to get a hitchhiking trough the topic addressed at this messages.

There's something I'd like to know looking toward successfully implement commercial VoIP/ToIP over a MPLS infrastructure.

Supporting IP QoS (DiffServ) across the core backbone and/or MPLS traffic-engineered paths is really required ?

Consider a whole backbone built with high speed throughput connections, plenty of bandwidth availability and no periods of congestion!

I do believe TE tunnels (paths) are necessary for quick recovery when a node or link fails, but rather them assuming something I haven't experienced yet I'd like to listen from someone with a previous experience on this kind of deployment (commercial VoIP/ToIP).

Best regards.

Murilo Pugliese.

Cisco Employee

Re: MPLS TE Basics

Hi Murilo

I have not deployed voice in TE, as I am in a break fix (TAC) unit. Also I have not deployed voice in TE.

This is how I see your question

1. You have enough bandwidth

2. Based on your graphs you do not anticipate any BW issues in future.

3. you have absolute zero congestion in your SPF.

4. You see a value in FRR but not a real reason,

5. You can afford to send your data and voice in the same pipe without compromising voice quality.

If all is YES, then I really do not see a need in TE

Unless you need some fun :)

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