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MPLS TE Question


Sorry for the basic question on TE...

In the below output, im seeing two path info, one is RSVP and other is CSPF info. Out of two, will traffic always prefer the RSVP path or CSPF path ????

In my case im seeing the traffic is preferring RSVP path..

LAB-RACK4-GSR-P3#sh mpls traf tu tu 1

Name: LAB-RACK4-GSR-P3_t1 (Tunnel1) Destination:


Admin: up Oper: up Path: valid Signalling: connected

path option 10, type explicit TE-path (Basis for Setup, path weight 3)

path option 20, type dynamic

Config Parameters:

Bandwidth: 5000 kbps (Global) Priority: 5 5 Affinity: 0x0/0xFFFF

Metric Type: TE (default)

AutoRoute: enabled LockDown: disabled Loadshare: 5000 bw-based

auto-bw: disabled

Active Path Option Parameters:

State: explicit path option 10 is active

BandwidthOverride: disabled LockDown: disabled Verbatim: disabled

InLabel : -

OutLabel : GigabitEthernet3/2, 28

RSVP Signalling Info:

Src, Dst, Tun_Id 1, Tun_Instance 55

RSVP Path Info:

My Address:

Explicit Route:

Record Route: NONE

Tspec: ave rate=5000 kbits, burst=1000 bytes, peak rate=5000 kbits

RSVP Resv Info:

Record Route: NONE

Fspec: ave rate=5000 kbits, burst=1000 bytes, peak rate=5000 kbits

Shortest Unconstrained Path Info:

Path Weight: 1 (TE)

Explicit Route:



Time since created: 1 hours, 5 minutes

Time since path change: 11 minutes, 21 seconds

Number of LSP IDs (Tun_Instances) used: 55

Current LSP:

Uptime: 11 minutes, 24 seconds

Selection: reoptimization

Prior LSP:

ID: path option 20 [52]

Removal Trigger: reoptimization completed


Type escape sequence to abort.

Tracing the route to

1 [MPLS: Label 28 Exp 0] 0 msec 0 msec 0 msec

2 [MPLS: Label 34 Exp 0] 0 msec 0 msec 0 msec

3 0 msec 0 msec *


Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: MPLS TE Question


The first explicit route is the one that has actually been signalled by RSVP.

The second one is, as indicated, the shortest unconstrained path (non-cspf). This explicit route might or might not be the same as the outcome of the CSPF. In the case where your tunnel is configured without any constraint (no specific BW, attributes or explicit path for instance), the two explicit route will be the same.


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