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MPLS VPN Data-plane Problems

I am having sparatic issues with my MPLS VPN configuration. I can receive control plane traffic but I can't pass data plane traffic. I do have my tagswitching links configured correctly using TDP by default. I configured a similar rack a few months back and it worked 100%. The configs look to be the same minus some differences in vrf names/bgp AS/RD #'s.

I am redistributing the PE-CE connected interface subnet into the customer's VRF (bgp vpnv4 vrf x). The core has 100% OSPF connectivity as well. BGP is configured correctly.

I know if you forget to configure the tagswitching commands on your PE - P/PE links you can see this same problem. Now since I have tag switching configured what other issues would I be dealing with?



Re: MPLS VPN Data-plane Problems

This is kind of tough with the limited amount of information given. sounds to me like it could be something as simple as turning on cef or a little more complex like an mtu issue. In either case, a tac case might be your best avenue for troubleshooting this one.

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Re: MPLS VPN Data-plane Problems

The first step of troubleshooting is to figure out to is to see where the packets are getting dropped.

The simplest way is to do extended ping with timeout "0".

See if you can ping between PE and CE ?

You need to give topology and more information.

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