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MPLS VPN & Internet on 1 leased line.


I have a scenario where the customer wants to connect their HQ to a service provide for both MPLS VPN connectivity (to their branches) & Internet access.

The question is can these 2 services be delivered over 1 leased line from customer's HQ CE router to Service Provider's PE router? Appreciate if anyone can provide sample configs or documentation as to how this can be done.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: MPLS VPN & Internet on 1 leased line.

Hi Colin,

Yes this can be done. But 2 interface should be used ; one for global connection (internet) and other is for VPN connection.

This can be achieved:

1- As far as I understand connection is LL. This leased line may be configured as FR and 2 subinterface is created. On PE site one of them is configured as VPN interface and the other as normal internet connection. This configuration requires 2 FR PVCs.

2- Connect CE and PE usind this LL. Then configure a GRE Tunnel interface between them. Then put Tunnel interface into your vrf.


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Re: MPLS VPN & Internet on 1 leased line.


Why is the GRE tunnel required please? Why can't the PE sub interface be put into the VRF?

Many Thanks

Re: MPLS VPN & Internet on 1 leased line.

Hi colin, this can be achieved through packet leaking. I have suitable configs for CE and PE, which you could get through email (

There is no need for Frame-Relay, GRE or any other stuff to "divide" the LL. one interface is good enough.

kind regards. Martin

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Re: MPLS VPN & Internet on 1 leased line.

It can be done IF the service provider offers Internet access via MPLS. I know of at least one provider that does this. As far as configuration goes, the options are to use BGP or static routing to direct traffic to the service provider. If you utilize static, all you have to do is configure a default route to the ISP (e.g., ip route next_hop_IP (or outbound_interface_name)

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