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MPLS VPN Solution required

Two diffarent CE connected with two diffarent MPLS PE .and EBGP peering running between them .Now both CE also accessing Internet through Internet VRF

Now is it possible in reverse case when traffic comming from internet it will chosse one path to CE as primer and another as secondery .


Re: MPLS VPN Solution required

HI Pankaj,

In these cases, the only means of influencing BGP route selection in the Internet is the extension of the AS path attribute (routes with shorter AS paths are preferred) with multiple copies of your own AS number: AS-path prepending.

Refer Useful link below:

Hope I am Informative, Pls RATE if HELPS.

Best Regards,

Guru Prasad R

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Re: MPLS VPN Solution required

Hope 'am not able to explain my requirement .

Two CE location required there internet traffic in primery secondery fashion from a single homed MPLS provider network


Re: MPLS VPN Solution required

Still the problem statement is not very clear. Please post it again

But what I understands is that

You are looking to provide backup to your CE in case of single homed mpls network.

Actually its not possible, if it is dual home then the subnets are announced as primary r secondary.


shivlu jain

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Re: MPLS VPN Solution required

Hello Pankaj,

in your initial post you say something different like that you would like traffic coming back from internet to be sent primarly to VRF site CE1 and only if first fails to secondary CE.

First of all this would require that the two VRF sites are advertising the same ip subnets.

Internet PE if receives multiple routes for the same ip subnet can prefer routes from PE1-CE1 for example using local-preference in address-family vpnv4 (if not using RR servers).

Or PE1 can set a local preference on received routes on eBGP session with CE1.

This approach can work for the direction Internet PE to Site1.

We used this approach for some multihomed VPN sites.

Hope to help


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