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MPLS VRF configuartion on CE router

I have following Secinario.



From PE2 to CE2 there two links.

Customer want VRF configuartion on the CE2 router on one link.

I have confirgured the VRF in between PE2 and CE2 on one link.Also configured Rd and RT parameter in the VRF.

I am useing BGP as routing protocol in between PE and CE.Can you please let me know should i have to configure MP-BGP in between PE2 and CE2 to carry RD and RT values from CE2 to PE2 ?


Re: MPLS VRF configuartion on CE router

only if you extending MPLS VPN down to your CE. MP-BGP propgates VPNv4 updates tagged with a VPN label among PE routers only.

Normally an IGP protocol such as OSPF is used between PE-CE. You can configure OSPF in the VRF associated with the VPN and associate the interface connected to the CE with the VRF. OSPF routes can then propagate from a CE to a PE when an OSPF adjacency has formed between the two routers. OSPF adds routes to the VRF's forwarding table at the PE side with routes learned from the CE.

see this

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Re: MPLS VRF configuartion on CE router

As i am using PE2-CE2 as BGP,CE2 will get CE1 network from PE2 from VRF neighbour and Non VRF neighbour.

So when CE2 has taffic to CE1 it will always prefer Non VRF neighbour to forword the traffic.if i want VRF neighbour to be use as back should i configure this ?

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