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Hi all ,

I'm new to mpls environment and also looking for help regarding combining data and voice in the same link if so wht configuration the CE routers requires means that TE or Qos parameters.. MPLS is a new setup and we

ordered for 1841 routers also planning to

use 3750 l2 and D-link non manageable switch. can these switches used for the setup or we need any specific requirement for switches.

u r valuable inputs will be hihly appreciated.





HI Ravi, [Pls RATE if HELPS]

CE will normally do the IP Routing towards the Service Provider. SP will participate in Routing functionality and use the MPLS across the SP Backbone until the Packets get delivered to the last CE. Even it will be a normal IP Packet when it reaches the destination CE Router.

The Recommendation is to use the QOS. MARK the traffic in your LAN Segments and Bandwidth Reservation can be configured based on your requirement using any of the QOS Techniques.

It's advicable to use the L3 Switch @ the LAN if it supports the QOS functionality.

Hope i am Informative. Please add if you have more Queries.

Pls Rate if HELPS

Best Regards,

Guru Prasad R


with MPLS you CE will do normal ip routing whether static route or any dynamic rouitng protocol that you ISP use it with you

then after your route enter the ISP network it will be assigned 64 bit unique identifier makeing your routing a 96 bit unique route within the ISP network

the ISP with in its network it use label switching that is called MPLS the other end eadge routeer PE will pop the rd and any vpn label and send your route as normal 32 bit router to you other CE

Qos with service provider should be based on SLA and mostly but no always you have to mark your traffic and send it to your ISP according to the SLA and in the other CE you have to re classify the marked traffic back again to its detailed marking

for example

you marke cs 3 and ef to one class wich is ef

and send it to your isp then when you recieve it at the other end CE you have to remark this traffic to its orginal marking

which is cs 3 and ef

rate if helpful

and if you have any more question ask

good luck

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