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Dear All

Need some pointer regarding implementing MSTP over VPLS Cloud

Setup is as below

                                                        -------L2_Trunk------  CE2    

     --------L2_Trunk-----------     ----------PE3                            !

CE1          MSTP          PE1  

                                             VPLS           MSTP          L2_Trunk                                             

   --------L2_Trunk-----------PE2 -----------PE4                            ! 


In the above setup am running VPLS Full mesh between PE1,PE2,PE3 and PE4 and MSTP at CE1 to break STP Loop between CE1 and PE1 & PE2.

Similary MSTP at CE2 and CE3 to break STP Loop between CE1,CE2,PE3 and PE4.

The MSTP is placing the uplink between CE2 to PE3 and CE3 to PE4 in root_inconsistent state and as marking those uplink ports as p2p PVST Boundary port.

No Spanning Tree is enabled at any of the PE. Still the CE2 and CE3 uplinks are showing as p2p PVST boundary port ?

Also unde this MSTP setup the CE2-to-CE3 Interswitch Trunk link is under forwarding state and CE2/CE3 uplniks to P33/PE4 are both in Blocking State.I have set the CE2-to-CE3 Links Cost to a higher value but still somehow the MSTP is not behaving properly.

On PE am using separate VFI to tunnel MSTP BPDU over a separate native vlan.

Can anyone look and help me with the correct design and configs to make this setup running ?



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