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Multicast in MPLS VPN

I have a MVPN setup in our MPLS lab. Multicast seems to be working fine on default mdt however, data MDT does not kick in when traffic exceedes the threshold, which is set to one. I have SSM setup in P and PE routers. For CE I just issued "ip pim sparse-dense-mode" on all eth0 and s0. I didn't specify PIM globally.

Here is the PE config:

ip mulitcast-routing

ip multicast-routing vrf red

ip vrf red

mdt default

mdt data threshold 1

ip pim ssm range MDT-range

ip access-list standard MDT-range


ip pim sparse-dense-mode (on all participating interfaces)

I turned on "debug ip pim" on the source PE and it seems the source PE is not even sending a join message to other PEs.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank in advance,


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Re: Multicast in MPLS VPN


I am running into the same issue, how did you test that default mdt is working? Did you create a loopback one of the CE's and issue a "ip pim igmp join-group" command and then ping his address from the other CE or did you actually use a multicast source to test it. I am trying to use Ping to test the multicast config but it does not seem to work, any help would be highly appreciated.



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Re: Multicast in MPLS VPN

I have a streaming video that broadcasts to group address and the receivers at the other end are able to join the group and get the feed. And also,I know default is working because when I issue "show ip mroute", for (S,G) G=default mdt's address ( I'm not sure if there are any other methods in testing multicast.

Also, Data MDT seems to work when I use sparse mode rather than dense mode in the source CE router. I'm not quite clear as to why that is or if I have not configured the CE correctly in dense mode.


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