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multiple TE path-options vs protect path-option

Dear all

I would like your assistance plz in below

what is the difference between having multiple TE path-options & protected path-option


multiple "tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option" and "tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option protect" ?

I believe for 1st one, is used to define several static paths but key point is that they wont be signalled (bw reservations) untill primary path is down

however for second one, protected path is signalled and bw reservations are done in advance , i.e before primary path is down

Correct ?

Many Thanks

Sherif Ismail

Cisco Employee

multiple TE path-options vs protect path-option

Hi Sherif,

You are correct. Like link/node protection, protected path now provided end to end protetction to the destination.

This cannot be dynamic and so we explicitly need to specify a path which is totally diverse from the primary one. On cofiguring the protected path, as you said, it will be signalled will be used if primary LSP goes down.



New Member

multiple TE path-options vs protect path-option

Thanks Nagendra

Re: multiple TE path-options vs protect path-option

Dear Nagendra

Can you plz check my post about Multihoming VPLS in below URL

Thanks in advance

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