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NAT betwen VRF's

Good day

I have a problem that needs a solution, and I hope someone out there can help me :-)

I need to be abe to do NAT for data going from the a customer VRF into the Internet VRF.

I've leaked the routes between the two VRF's, configured the NAT statements, but there's no physical interface to attach the "IP NAT OUTSIDE" command to.

This is on the remote PE router where the customer VRF is terminated. The internet VRF is configured on all the PE routers, with the Internet termination point at the central PE node.

Thanks in advance


Re: NAT betwen VRF's

For most times we have implemented the Nat Outside Interface on the interface connecting the NAT-PE to the Shared Access Source. That is the NAT is implemented centrally. And the NAT Inside is on the MPLS Core Interface.

But you current situation is exactly the reverse. But you can still try this out and check whether it works,

Use the IP NAT Outside statement on your MPLS Core Facing Interface, Generally these are meant to be only Inside Interfaces, But you can try this out.

And keep you Inside Interface to your PE-CE VRF Interface.

Here is a link for more information referencing the above.



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