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OSPF MIB - Multiple OSPF processes - How to get the OSPF TE data?

We have three ospf processes on the router:

router ospf 1

... Core ospf that is supporting RSVP & MPLS-TE.

router ospf 2 vrf ipvpn-A

... PE-CE ospf to customer A.

router ospf 3 vrf ipvpn-B

... PE-CE ospf to customer B.

Using CLI, when we ask for ospf information, e.g.,

show ip ospf database

it is dumping in arbitrary order:

OSPF Router ID ( (Process ID 2)


OSPF Router ID ( (Process ID 3)


OSPF Router ID ( (Process ID 1)


process ID 1 is the one we need for core bandwidths and MPLS info. However, using OSPF mib, we see only the data for the first OSPF process, which is on a VRF and doesn't have MPLS-TE data.

How can we get the OSPF TE data from the MIB for a particular ospf process?

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