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Ospf PE-CE


i m use as PE-ce AS OSPF.

On PE router i configured eo in Vrf1 and E1 in Vrf2 and connected through cross cable.

in Vrf1 i m importing routes from other PE router and that routes are entering correctly,but in VRF2 routes are comeing in ospf database but not entering in VRF2 routeing table.

what will be the problem?


Re: Ospf PE-CE


can you check the tag field in the external routes? When a PE inserts external routes into OSPF it sets the tag field and another PE in the same AS will not use them at all to avoid routing loops. The same applies to OSPF internal routes (LSA3), bt there the downbit is set (look for "Downward" in show ip ospf database summary).

So it cold be "normal" behavior".

Regards, Martin


Re: Ospf PE-CE

See if adding vrf-lite capability under the OSPF configuration for the VRF helps override the down-bit.

router ospf x vrf A

capability vrf-lite

Let me know if it works.

Re: Ospf PE-CE

Hi Niranjan,

I believe you are trying to practise something in the lab. But this is too little a information with which someone can help.

But anyways to start with you can use this link as below and try troubleshooting.

If you still have a problem you can send in the o/p as below.

Can u describe in brief what is your test topology and some outputs as below.

1) Config on the remote PE from where you are getting these routes.

2) Config on the this end PE with VRF1 and 2.

3) show ip bgp vpnv4 all on both PE's.

4) show ip route vrf for each vrf on both PE's

5) show ip ospf database on both sides as well for the concerned VRF's



Community Member

Re: Ospf PE-CE

Don't forget the subnets keyword on OSPF and also use the match internal external1 external 2 keywords when putting OSPF into the BGP address-family...This may help

-Karl Solie

address-family ipv4 vrf V3

redistribute connected

redistribute ospf 2010 vrf V3 match internal external 1 external 2

no auto-summary

no synchronization


router ospf 2010 vrf V3


redistribute bgp 1998 subnets

network area 0

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