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PE Cannot ping vrf interfaces for P router

I tried to setup a vrf3 interface in P router.vrf1(PE1) can ping vrf2(PE2) via the P router.However when I try to ping from vrf1/vrf2(PE router) to vrf3(P router), no response.Is there any configuration I missed out in the P router


Re: PE Cannot ping vrf interfaces for P router

ok can you send the configs of the PE devices as well. One thing to note which is quite odd but shouldnt matter (depending on your config) is that you have configured the P router as a route-reflector. Is this the same throughout your network? Also a show mpls for would help.


Re: PE Cannot ping vrf interfaces for P router

Well, since you have configured a vrf on the P router and associated an interface to the vrf, the P router is essentially a PE router. It is now at the edge of the network and connecting to a customer.

Normally, the P routers do not have an MP-BGP session to the other PE routers. You have a peering to and, if these are the other PE routers, then it is ok. If not you will need to establish a peering with the respective PE router.

Also, confirm that you have set your import and export route-targets well.

Also, confirm that you do not have a broken lsp between this router and the other PE. Note that despite the fact that this router is route reflector, it does not imply that the vpn traffic frow the different PEs will pass through it.

To properly troubleshoot, we will need the show ip route for the vrf, the show ip bgp vpnv4 all, and the mpls forwarding table.

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Re: PE Cannot ping vrf interfaces for P router


to help you, we need to have :

on P router:

"show ip cef vrf nutcafe"

"show ip bgp vpnv4 all"

on PE1 & PE2 :

"show ip cef vrf "

"show ip bgp vpnv4 all"

"show run"



Re: PE Cannot ping vrf interfaces for P router

A basic question, is E1/0 actually up? No interfaces

I ask since it is odd to have a auto/half setting for speed/duplex.

Also, you have network configured in the address-family ipv4 vrf nutcafe as well as redist conn and redist static. Not sure why all the variations.

Since mask doesn't match the configured on the interface, and there's no statics configured for this vrf, those methods aren't doing anything. Only redist connected could be doing anything for you. However, if the interface is down, you're out of luck.

Assuming the route-target 60000:1 matches those configured in the other vrfs. If not, that'll present a problem.

Another possibility. You mention that vrf1 & vrf2 can ping each other. Does that traffic actually cross both of the tag-switched interfaces of this vrf3 router? I'm concerned that there's no ldp adjacency. Use "show mpls interface" to verify the "tunnel" and "operational" statuses are up for both interfaces. If not, consider using "mpls ldp router-id loopback0" on each router to get the adjacencies working.



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