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PE-CE Dynamic routing

I am running a PE-CE vpn routing. Now my client wants to access a particulat ip which is on internet and may be the demand can be increased and he doesnot want to add the addtional static routes for this. Can we have any routing solution which can solve the purpose. Please post your comments.




Re: PE-CE Dynamic routing

You can use BGP for PE-CE with filtering in this case, and advertise only the required prefixes.

Re: PE-CE Dynamic routing

Hi Shivlu,

What i understand is, This is an VPN customer and you running dynamic routing protocol (RIPv2/OSPF/EIGRP/BGP) as PE-CE, the customer want to access specific destination address on the internet ( for example, so now we talking about how to make this route reachable through the customer VPN, i think Route Leaking in MPLS/VPN will solve your issue, but in this case you should consider the customer address space issue, i mean how the customer private routes will talk to internet destination, there is a NAT device should be in the path to NAT the customer private address.

This is a very simple URL by Cisco explaning MPLS Route Leaking:

In this case you will add 2 static routes on your PE and redistribute it by the customer PE-CE routing protocol.

Correct me if i didn't get your point

Best Regards,

Mounir Mohamed

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