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problems with MPLS partial connetivity in vrf


I have an issue within an MPLS vrf. I can ping the loopback on a router in the vrf but not any Vi's connected to it. I can see the routes for the Vi in the vrf route table. These two routers are route reflector clients. I can however connect to to the Vi's from another router in the vrf that has a direct bgp peering with it. Any ideas.

Cisco Employee

Re: problems with MPLS partial connetivity in vrf


Can you check your RR BGP table for the existance of the prefixes under investigation? If there is more than one path, please make sure both pathes contain all required RTs. A RR is a BGP speaker and will only forward the best path as BGP update. Thus, if you have redundant PEs for a CE, make sure both VFRs are configured identical with respect to RTs.

Also make sure your source IP is known, i.e. the interface networks in all VRFs are included in BGP through "network ..." or "redistribute connected" under the respective VRF address-family.

If this does not help, please provide relevant config parts and show commands (BGP table, routing table in respective VRFs).

General troubleshooting steps:

check BGP table of VRF with VI: network included? With all needed RTs?

Yes -> check RR BGP table, best path? Updates sent?

Yes -> check RT import statements, BGP table in destination VRF, routing table in dest VRF.

Repeat for opposite direction (source, dest IP of ping).

If everything is ok: is MPLS forwarding operational between respective PEs?

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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