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New Member

Rate-limit on VPN interfaces

Hi all!

Could use some help regarding a good configuration to deploy rate-limit on interface that VPN starts in, VRF uses redistribution of connected.

I heard of MPLS exprimental things and rate-limit. Anyone knows a good config and/or URL for this?

The goal is to limit the possibility for the customers to not "push" more then 2 Mbps out on the interface.

Ive poked around, but im not really sure i found the verifed way...

New Member

Re: Rate-limit on VPN interfaces

A standard rate-limt works well for this type of thing if you are planning on capping traffic through a specific interface with either a transmit or drop action.

The MPLS EXP bit enters into the equation if you are planning on QoS accross an MPLS based network. Due to an IP packet being encapsulated within MPLS your LSR's will not understand either DSCP or IP precedence values , you would then map either values into the EXP bit for transport with QoS over MPLS within a policy map for instance.

The method you would use I imagine would depend on your design and the flow of the traffic as well as your QoS policy.

New Member

Re: Rate-limit on VPN interfaces

Hi and thanx for the input!

I think i'll initally will go for the stright thing here....

rate-limit input 2000000 16000 24000 conform-action set-prec-transmit 5 exceed-action drop.

And take the EXP bit in later steps of deployment.


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