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re-route vpnv4 route ?

Currently, I have setup and configured MPLS VPN ( in the attachment ).

To simulate the LDP/TDP break, I remove the "tag-swithcing ip" in the MPLS Core routers in P3.

I presummed it is regarding blackholing of traffic appears eventhough at each particular PE's vpnv4 route already propagated.

Right now, the VPN part (labeling) already break but the IP packet level no problem at all, IP reachability is not an issues.

In the example in the attachment, the CE1-VPNA tend to go through PE2 -> P2 -> P3 -> PE3 -> CE2-VPNA because PE2 is no aware of the break at MPLS Core routers since there is an alternative route to reach PE3 via P1 which is PE2 -> P2-> P1-> P3-> PE3- CE2-VPNA .

My question is, how do I configure that PE2 is aware of the break existing in the core, and re-route to available path ? Maybe monitoring the LSP/TDP in MPLS Core would be better right? Perhaps some tunning in routing protocols or else? I'm using OSPF in the lab setup. The CE to PE is also using OSPF.

Thank you very much for your help



Re: re-route vpnv4 route ?

1.You can check the path the LSP takes by doing LSP Trace.

2.You can define a TE lsp with headend as PE2 and tailend as PE3 to make the lsp take a certain path with the help of ERO.

Create a Backup path also.

Enable FRR on the TE tunnel.

hope this helps.

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Re: re-route vpnv4 route ?

Hi there,

Thanks for the info.By the way, it's possible for you email to me the pdf on the first link.I cannot access the first link.

Thanks in advance.


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