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route reflector and internet vrf

Hello. I'm trying some tests over the MPLS network and i have some doubts.

We have some routers connected to the local Ixp, speaking ebgp whith transit and peering neighbours. I'd like to have them separated from the MPLS network, just speaking pure ip, so I have set up ebgp relationsghip's between them and the MPLS PE's in the internet vrf (maybe that's very very wrong, and i should use that routers also as PE's? ).

Now my doubts: The network uses 2 routers as Route reflectors, one has the ASBR routers as non-clinent neighbours, but the other doesn't (it0s installed ina different pop). Both rr should have the same non-client and clients neighbours or this is a feasible scenary?

The MP-BGP used for label exchange... should use my ISP AS or better one private AS Nummber (should i use ebgp or ibgp between exchange routers and PE's?)

thanks in advance


Re: route reflector and internet vrf


pardon a non-native english speaker. I do not get it. What is your topology like now? Which AS numbers do you use where? What do you mean by "I'd like to have them separated from the MPLS network"? Different devices or logical separation?

What is the purpose of your redundant(?) RRs, if the same BGP speakers are not clients of both?

Can you please clarify the above mentioned topics?

In any case you can use the same AS number for MPLS and for Internet.

Regards, Martin

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Re: route reflector and internet vrf

Hello again. Maybe I wasn't very clear (i'm also a non-native speaker).

Finally, i have changed the scenary, and i've found a new problem. I'll open in a new thread to keep it clear. Thanks

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