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Routing Protocol recommendation for MPLS Network

I am in the process of building a 14 site MPLS network for voice and data traffic. The vendor installing the network has configured RIPv2 as the routing protocol. I am considering switching this over to EIGRP. Can anyone explain to me why this would be better or should I just stay with RIP.


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Re: Routing Protocol recommendation for MPLS Network

Hi: Depend of your network forecast growth, I recommend you that, if you can, implant OSPF from the begining. I think EIGRP is good for small networks, but it have problems with biger networks. Try to implement the cisco architectur from the beginin, define the area 0, and the growth of the network will be transparent, if you administer correctly all addressing of the net. Im workin in the biggest ISP in Mexico and recently we moved from EIGRP to OSPF.



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Re: Routing Protocol recommendation for MPLS Network

Timing is perfect for you to do it right from the beginning.

For convergence (Voice & Data) network we choose to implement EIRGP over RIP.

For the size of the network with 14 sites, EIGRP is simpler to work with and scalable enough to have up to 20 sites with total 9,000 network devices.

Use QinQ for MPLS Core backbone and keep it as simple as possible.

I just completed a same project for hospital in South Cal.

Re: Routing Protocol recommendation for MPLS Network

Hi Chip,

Its not very clear whether you are implementing a MPLS network or implementing a Network over MPLS for an end user with 14 sites.

1) If MPLS network then other IGP variants than OSPF and ISIS best avoided. Now if the choice is between ISIS and OSPF then my personal recommendation would be OSPF. And this decision is purely driven by Operational Considerations rather than any technical advantages. Since at the end of the day what matters is how easy it is to implement add delete or troubleshoot the network.

2)If for End User then it would not be right to recommend EIGRP or RIP or OSPF without knowing the current size & topology of each of these 14 sites, as well as the desired expansion plans. But if these 14 sites are the only sites and are all standalone branch sites connecting over MPLS VPN then RIP,EIGRP or OSPF can be implemented as per your and customer comfort.



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Re: Routing Protocol recommendation for MPLS Network


If you connecting to your SP, I may recommend to use EBGP with your SP, its scalable but not so easy to use if you are not so familiar with. But if your are familiar with BGP I think this is the best choice of routing protocol between your SP and you (CE).



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