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Sigtran /SS7 over IP MPLS Core

Hi all

I have a client that has an IP MPLS Core,with 2 12410 and 2 7609 as P's, full redundancy with Fibre Cores. They also have some aggregation 6506's (PE's). At this moment they are only using this network for Data services like L3, L2 VPNS, VPLS and internet to customers only. However, they have now decided to put Sigtran/SS7 on this network. They already have purchased Sigtran interfaces on the side of the GSM equipment i.e MSC's and HLR's etc

My question is ? Yes they do have an IP MPLS core and its working fine with services like L3,L2 VPNS . For them to be able to run Sigtran through their IP MPLS Core, what is needed in terms of configurations and Hardware in the IP MPLS network? I am asking or presuming they need Traffic engineering? QOS? what else ? Looking at the hardware inventory, i think its fine, i just need help on the configuration side. All links in the Core connect using Ge-WAN interfaces

I have attached the Inventory for the HW of the IP MPLS network .

Please have a look, any comments , advise will be highly appreciated, also any URLs ,useful Links will be good




Re: Sigtran /SS7 over IP MPLS Core

Luckily there wont be any modifications or added configuration for SIGTRAN in terms of IP/MPLS.

You only need to take care of IP reachbility.

If they have a single BTS serving their network and terminating the calls onto the PSTN at one location then your regular QOS for voice would take care of the needful.



Re: Sigtran /SS7 over IP MPLS Core

If you are intrested in knowing the details of the SIGTRAN implementation and the implementation methodologies, here are few docs, but you wont need to do any of it from the network point of view, this would be handled by voice guys.

Sigtran Solution Guide

SS7 Voice GW Interconn Guide



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Re: Sigtran /SS7 over IP MPLS Core

Hi All,

I have some experience for implementing sigtran in IP/MPLS network.

There are some IP/MPLS network requirement for support Sigtran :

1. Traffic Engineering, to ensure that different SCTP association in SS7 connected using different IP path (SCTP multihoming). You can use MPLS TE or PBR to achieve this.

2. Quality of Service, to ensure that IP network delay or jitter doesn't exceed timer configuration in the SS7 SCTP or xUA level. You can use MQC or Sigtran quality of service.

3. Redudancy (Link and Hardware), to ensure when IP network loose one link or hardware, the connection will be converged as soon as possible. You can achieve with GLBP, IGP timer configuration, etc.

4. Protection L2 and L3, to ensure there is no impact for your sigtran network if there is L2 or L3 problem. You can use Control Plane Policing, STP, Rate Limit, etc.

Best Regards,

Aris Cahyadi R.

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Re: Sigtran /SS7 over IP MPLS Core

Nothing need to be configured on IP/MPLS part. Only AS and ASP needs to be configured on sigtran side so that SCTP is established.

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Re: Sigtran /SS7 over IP MPLS Core

Hi to all,

I would like to ask for Native SIGTRAN, I mean if the MSC or the telco switch have already an SIGTRAN interface should we use ITPs or not ? Because in this case SIGTRAN protocol's suite are delivred by the MSC SIGTRAN interface.

Thank you for your help.


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