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Simple question - Don't laugh!

We have an MPLS network with 50 sites. Each site has a 10mb connection into the MPLS cloud. Naturally, there is only one route out of the network to the internet and once again ingress & egress on this is 10mb.

We can see that this part of the network is getting saturated at certain points of the day so I think we need a bigger connection at this point in the network.

Now I know this question is rather simple and not taking into account QoS, time of day etc.

So here goes:

Theoretically, If all sites (50) where hammering 10mb constantly, does that mean to ensure that there was no lag to any of them on our side of the network (not the internet etc), we would require 50 x 10mb = 500mb connection at the ingress & egress point of the network?

I know it's not that simple but it's one of those questions I've never asked and been dying to know the answer.


In these situations you

In these situations you should always take into account an over-subscription ratio of about 1:15-20. So theoretically you need 25 to 35 Mbps and you will be fine. 

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