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Simple routing issue

Hi All

I've configured a network with PE's and CE's what I have is EIGRP running between PE's and EBGP between PE and CE's. can't reach router loopback address of other CE's. Routing on the PE's works to all locations without a problem. I have DMVPN running between PE's but this is'nt impacting the routing in anyway because the PE's can reach other and all LAN and loopback subnets.

Between CE and PE i redistribute EIGRP into BGP and BGP into EIGRP.

The problem seems to be the routing between CE-CE.


ping from



from CE-1 pinging loopback

from CE-1 pinging loopback

All other routing works well.

Can anyone point me in the right direction configurations attached,

All i need is to have full routing from the CE's. I don't know why the PE's are dropping packets destined for other CE's.

Please find configs attached.

New Member

Re: Simple routing issue

addititonal config

Re: Simple routing issue

Hi Carl

Here the senario that you post i think you are trying to run VRF-Lite over the PE's.

You have configured TEST_VRF1 for Cust & configured same VRF for DMVPN Tunnel. althrough  should i consider that you want to run  Excrypted traffic of that customer over PE's.

Here in you tunnel config please check :

interface Tunnel1
ip vrf forwarding TEST_VRF1
ip address
no ip redirects
ip mtu 1532
no ip next-hop-self eigrp 90
ip nhrp map multicast dynamic
ip nhrp network-id 123
no ip split-horizon eigrp 90
tunnel source FastEthernet1/0
tunnel mode gre multipoint
tunnel protection ipsec profile Secure_Tunnel

interface FastEthernet1/0
description *** Link to Core Switch ******
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto

Tunnel source is fa1/0 & That tunnel is in VRF , But the source traffic is in Global routing table. So i think that it will not work , Config you VRF to use global routing table so that the tunnel source will work properly .

Note : I have not simulated the senario . But still in overview i think is can be issue. Please check


Chetan Kumar

Re: Simple routing issue


In order for the PE to import all CE routes which was previously learned by bgp between the PE-CE, you will still need bgp between the PEs rather than Eigrp or any other routing protocol .

The fact is that the Route-targets are only carried by BGP protocol with the extended community, your redistribution between Eigrp and BGP will not carry those route targets and would thefore not carry the routes.

I suggest you have a VPNv4 session between all your PEs . This should solve your problem.

Another question is that why do you have DMVPN between PEs rather than your CEs?



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