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Static routes within VRF

Is there a limit to the number of static route one could use within a VRF ?

We have a large customer connected to MPLS VRF based backbone and due to various limiting factors this customer uses static routing from a PE-CE perspective.

We have been experiencing a problem where a static needsto be removed and placed back as routing to a site stops (No traffic passed) , this happes intermittently and to different sites within diffrent regions as well. All the general or expected troubleshooting procedures have been followed i.e. Check routing table , bgp , CEF tables , FIB etc. All seems fine , the only thing that reloves this is removing the static and then replacing it.

My thinking is that there might be a limit to the number of static's that one can use within a VRF and that we have reached the limit for this customer , which causes the intermittent failure.

Please advise.


Re: Static routes within VRF

I know of a "maximum routes limit " command to limit the number of routes in a Vrf on a PE.

From this command reference i find there are no default values for this.

So I assume, the default is to allow a huge value and the only limitations would be the memory/capacity and the number of vrfs on the PE router.

If you are experiencing a problem in this regard and removing a static route is helping to overcome it, then I would only suspect a bug here.

I am also curious to know how may many static routes you have in this particular vrf.

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Re: Static routes within VRF

I am also suspecting a bug although I have not yet done a bug search for something like this , the vrf is going on 202 routes but I also checked the link you supplied and from that this should not be problem.

This scenario has occurred again and I have made a mistake in the original posting as the tags for the route are lost. Once I recreate the static the tags are put back which really make me think that this is a bug as this only happens with statics in the vrf and if this was a switching type issue it should affect all routes .

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