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Sup720-3B upgrade Sup720-3BXL

Got one question, I'm going to upgade a couple of 7600 running Sup720-3B..

If I have interface cards with WS-F6700-DFC3B, can I upgrade the supervisor to a Sup720-3BXL, and keep the cards running DFC3B, until I upgrade them to DFC3BXL, or do I have to shutdown the system, when upgrading the the supervisors and interface card ??, so the have the same DFC as the supervisor

thanks in advance



Re: Sup720-3B upgrade Sup720-3BXL

It is good to upgrade to Sup720-3BXL but the minimum software requirement that you are needed is 12.2(17b)sxb and later.

check the following url for more information

Cisco Employee

Re: Sup720-3B upgrade Sup720-3BXL

You can upgrade your Sup-3Bs to Sup-3BXL and still use your DFC3B linecards. The entire system will need to be reloaded however and the supervisor will initialize as a 3B and not a 3BXL due to the presense of the DFC3B cards. Once all the DFC3Bs have been upgraded to DFC3BLXs and the system has been reloaded, then the Sup-3BXL will initialize and operate in 3BXL mode.

The same holds true if you upgrade the DFCs first. Any upgraded to 3BXL will not operate in 3BXL mode if there is a Sup or DFC installed that is 3B. It will operate in 3B mode.

Hope this helps.


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