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Traffic Rates on RSP720 for 128bytes

Hi all,

Hi have installed a network made of 7609-S with RSP720 and ES-20G line cards with 12.2.33SRB3. We networ is running mpls and we have several EPL configuring on the router to make stress test. On one test we were sending 64b frames in to the EPL and we notice that the router only swiths 20Mpps that represent a 6.XGbits full duplex of bw consume. Then we change the frame to 128byte to see the beavihor and we notice that the router only switch 12,6Mpps and 7.4Gbits full duplex. I expect to have high values around the 20Mpps or 9,XGbits. For frames start at 256bytes the BW consume reach 9,8Gbits and the Mpps start to decrease as normal. The problem is for frame with 128bytes.

Can any one point me to same official test where i can compare this results.

Many thanks

New Member

Re: Traffic Rates on RSP720 for 128bytes

Nothing official, but I have the following results myself for you to compare:

64 byte - 7600Mbps 11310054 frames/sec

128 byte - 8500.1 7179158 frames/sec

256 byte - 9100.0 4121384 frames/sec

512 byte - 9500.0 2232152 frames/sec

1024 byte - 9700.0 1161404 frames/sec

1280 byte - 9800.0 942312 frames/sec

1518 byte - 9800.0 796492 frames/sec


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