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Using ICMP as a means of traffic generation.

Hey Guys,

Am in a quandry. A client is using ICMP to generate traffic. IE 6000bytes corresponding to 64k and down the line. This is fine on a terrestrial link (can go upto max 16000 bytes with no loss). Unfortunately we have VPN circuits using ADSL links and this is pretty unpredictable. They want an 8000byte packet to go through with less than 1% packet loss. Where the service is bad this is next to imposssible. I have used IPERF to emulate traffic but its not the best tool for the job. Question: 1)where can I readup about ICMP and its use. 2)Anyone had similar experience? or actually uses this?


Re: Using ICMP as a means of traffic generation.

Patrick, the packet loss could be genuine and could be because of multiple factors as line quality, CPE issues or your side termination/aggregation device issues. You need to troubleshoot further to get to the root cause of the problem. Probably your last mile/local loop engineers should be able to help you with some integrity testing of the lines. As generally packet loss wont be there without a problem.

Although here are a few links on ICMP providing some information.



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