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Using "route-target import" only connected routes?

When using the route-target import, the only routes imported are ones directly connected on one of the other PE routers. How does one get the advertised routes and the connected routes imported?

PE1 -- PE2




Customer's remote site attaches to PE1 which peers to PE2. PE2 connects to Customer HQ.

Another VRF (100:110) provides a centralized service that will be used by several different customers. Some of the subnets for this shared service are directly connected to PE2 while other subnets are directly connected to PE3.

Since PE1 and PE2 were already peered, I thought all that was needed was an import statement to get the routes from the shared service vrf into the customer's vrf.


ip vrf customer1

rd 100:105

route-target export 100:105

route-target import 100:105

route-target import 100:110

When I do a 'show ip route vrf Customer1' the only routes that appear are the ones directly connected to PE2. I then peered PE1 to PE3, creating a full mesh but no other routes appeared in the routing table.

PE1 -- PE2

\ |

\ |

\ PE3

I plan to use an export map and import map to filter the networks to the desired ones, but in this example, should not all routes be seen from the shared services VRF (100:110)?


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Re: Using "route-target import" only connected routes?

The ASCII topology got mangled. Please follow the text for the correct topology.



Re: Using "route-target import" only connected routes?

Could you post the relevant bits of VRF config from your PE routers and also the output of 'sh ip ro vrf


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Re: Using "route-target import" only connected routes?

Certainly. See attached

Cisco Employee

Re: Using "route-target import" only connected routes?


Performing the import on one PE doesn't cause that one PE to start advertising the imported prefixes to other member of the same VRF on other PEs.

If you want the prefixes from the shared services VRF to show up in the customer VRF on all PEs, you need to import RT 100:10 in VRF Customer1 on all PEs.

Hope this helps,

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