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Virtual Router

Hello Folks,

Not sure if this is related to MPLS but I am trying to find some information on how to simulate multiple routers on one physical box. It has something to do with Vrf's I think but cannot be certain. Thank you

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Re: Virtual Router

Yes you are correct.

Using VRF's you can create virtual routing-tables within your router that are specific to that VRF. Routes within a VRF are not visible from within the global routing table or other VRF's unless you explicitly choose to import/export them.

You can run VRF specific instances of routing protocols also if you need to involve more than 1 router.

= K

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Re: Virtual Router

Hi there,

Generaly MPLS is used between several routers, however it is possible to configure a router with some simple MPLS configuration to split a single router into several VRF's (VPN routing and forwarding). The configuration would be something like :


ip vrf customer_a

rd 1:1

route-target export 1:1

route-target import 1:1


ip vrf customer_b

rd 2:2

route-target export 2:2

route-target import 2:2


You apply these VRF's to an interface by :

interface FastEthernet0

ip vrf forwarding customer_a

A couple of things to keep in mind are that when you apply the "ip vrf forwarding xxxxx " command to an interface it will remove and existing ip addresses from that interface. Also I have hound that OSPF does stange things sometimes on routes learnt from an interface that is in a VRF. Experiment with the OSPF router command "capability vrf-lite"

I hope this helps....

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