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VRF Import Not Working?


I am trying to import certain routes from the Global Routing Table to a VRF table without any success.  Could you help?  Thanks.

CAR_A#sh ip route
O IA [110/2] via, 00:25:21, FastEthernet1/0

CAR_A#sh run | in ip prefix
ip prefix-list data-center-net seq 15 permit le 32

CAR_A#sh run | b route-map data-center-net
route-map data-center-net permit 10
match ip address prefix-list data-center-net

CAR_A#sh run | b ip vrf data
ip vrf data
import ipv4 unicast map data-center-net

CAR_A#sh ip route vrf data
Routing Table: data
C is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0.2

As you can see, the vrf data routing table is not learning imported from the Global Routing Table.


Re: VRF Import Not Working?

Hi Kevin

Can you post the config !!

And also please can you share  the output of

1] Sh ip vrf (name) detail

2] Sh ip bgp vpnv4 vrf (name)

And check whether RD has configured under your vrf.


Chetan Kumar

New Member

Re: VRF Import Not Working?


I finally got it working by just reloading the router.  Feels like troubleshooting Windows product now - reboot first!

Now, I got the import working.  I am wondering if there is a dynamic export feature to export VRF routes into Global Routing Table.

Here is the problem.  All sites are connected to a MPLS VPN cloud.  Networks located at the Data Centers are in the Global Routing Table.  Branch offices have several VRFs using VRF-lite, for example, Engineer VRF and Finance VRF.  All VRF-lites are also configured on the data center WAN edge routers.  So far I have managed to import data center networks into both Engineer VRF and Finance VRF using "import ipv4 unicast" command.  How do I export Engineer networks and Finance networks to the data center?  "export ipv4 unicast" does not exist.   

New Member

Re: VRF Import Not Working?

I finally tried GRE based route leaking on the same router.  I can finally have connectivity between a VRF and the Global Routing Table.

interface Loopback100
 ip address
interface Tunnel100
 ip address
 tunnel source Loopback100
 tunnel destination
router ospf 100
 network area 0

interface Loopback101
 ip address
interface Tunnel101
 ip vrf forwarding 

ip address
 tunnel source Loopback101
 tunnel destination
router ospf 101 vrf 
 network area 0

However, this might not be an ideal solution for the data center as it routes all traffic thru a GRE tunnel.  I will try the cross-over cable trick next.

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