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vrf traffic over mpls te tunnel


I have MP-BGP/MPLS in my network and different customers vpns. For example, i'd like to put traffic of certain VRF to certain MPLS TE tunnel. I think it is possible to use PBR or static routing, but in this case i have to do a lot of manual configuration.

Is there more dynamic way?


Re: vrf traffic over mpls te tunnel


U can have one more loopback in PE router and make that extra loopback as next-hop in MP-BGP for that specific VRF. Then build a TE tunnel to the extra loopback so that only specific VRF trafic will flow via TE..

int loopback 100

description extra loopback for specfic vrf

ip add a.b.c.d

ip vrf forwarding test

rd abc

route-target export abc

route-target import abc

bgp next-hop loopback 100 -- This will make loopback 100 as the nexthop for vrf test. For rest of the vrf next-hop would be loopback 0.

int Tunnel 1

tunnel mpls traffic-eng

tunnel destination a.b.c.d


Cisco Employee

Re: vrf traffic over mpls te tunnel


Just a little addition to the config in the previous post. The MPLS TE tunnel destination MUST be the IGP (OSPF or ISIS) TE router ID. Another "IP address" will not work, i.e. the tunnel will not come up.

So the modification required is:

interface tunnel1

ip unnumbered loopback0

tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng

mpls ip


ip route a.b.c.d tunnel1

Hope this helps! Please use the rating system.

Regards, Martin

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Re: vrf traffic over mpls te tunnel

Yes, it works. Thanks a lot, guys!


Re: vrf traffic over mpls te tunnel

Hi Pros,

I would like to know are there any other ways apart from the above mentioned to divert a specific VRF or L2MPLS traffic via TE tunnel.

Thanks in advance..


Re: vrf traffic over mpls te tunnel

There is no other way I know of for elegantly routing VRF to a specific TE tunnel...However, in a L2VPN pseudowire, under the pseudowire-class configuration you can specify the next-hop interface which can be a TE tunnel.

Let me know if this clarifies.

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