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3560 Switch Performance

Dear All,

Our user was found that they got slow network connection when try to upload/download file through a Metro ethernet to another office, the upload/download traffic was keeping 30~60kbps even though the ME is only using 15Mbps bandwidth (we have 25M bandwidth), I had tried to sum. the total interface bandwidth which connected to the same switch and found it's around 62 mbps, reference the link below:

The 32 Gbps forwarding bandwidth doesn't means the total throughput for the Switch? I make confuse for the performance for the table, anyone can help to provide a link to check the switch performance?

I had found the link below which show difference mode switch performance:

is it correct?


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For the original 3560, 32 Gbps is the fabric bandwidth.  As fabric bandwidths are normally quoted for duplex, the device can only deal with 16 (duplex) gig links of concurrent bandwidth utilization.  More and traffic will queue and perhaps drop crossing the fabric.

The original 3560 also tops out at 38.7 Mpps.  Considering that 1 gig (duplex) can require up to about 3 Mpps, the 3560 can run short of forwarding performance too.

However if your aggregate throughtput is less than a gig, it's likely you're bumping up against the maximum performance of the 3560.