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7200 series router reloads unexpectedly during normal operation

Core Issue

This problem is sometimes caused by these issues:

  • A problem with the power source
  • A hardware problem
  • A mis-reported watchdog timeout


If the show version command output displays restarted by power-on, it usually means that the router was either power-cycled, or the power source went down for a few seconds.

In order to resolve this issue, verify the power source and move the router to a different circuit if possible. If this does not resolve the problem, replace the power supply or chassis. For the Cisco 7200 series router and uBR 7200 series routers, a reload due to a power on can be caused by a mis-reported watchdog timeout. If a watchdog timeout is suspected, refer to the appropriate Field Notices.

Refer to Troubleshooting Watchdog Timeouts for more information about watchdog timeouts.

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