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A Catalyst 4000 family switch does not boot after an upgrade to a cat4000-cv image

Core issue

The cat4000-cv CiscoView images are not bootable. Therefore, if the switch has only the cat4000-cv bin file on the Flash, the device does not boot.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. When performing a software upgrade on a Catalyst 4000 family switch, make sure the new image is a bootable image. If you are trying to enable the Web interface on the Catalyst 4000, it requires two files. Unlike the Catalyst 5000 and 6000 series switches, the 4000 series does not use one file that includes both the main image and the CiscoView files.

    Images with the naming convention cat4000-cv are not bootable and contain only CiscoView files.

    For more information, refer to the Catalyst 4000 CiscoView ADP Flash Code section of Cisco Catalyst 4000 Software Images.

  2. For the bootable image files, refer to the Catalyst 4000 Image section of Cisco Catalyst 4000 Software Images.

    Note: Examples of full image file names are cat4000-k8.7-5-1.bin and cat4000.5-5-11a.bin. Examples of non-bootable CiscoView file names are cat4000-cv.7-5-1.bin and cat4000-cv.5-5-11a.bin.

  3. To run CiscoView, both the full image file and the CiscoView file must be installed on the Flash device. If the switch boots to the rommon> prompt after copying a non-bootable image to Flash, issue the dir bootflash: command to see if a bootable image is present.

For more information on enabling the Web interface on the Catalyst 4000 series switch, refer to Enabling the Catalyst Web Interface on Catalyst 4000 Series Switches Running CatOS.