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A Cisco 7500 series router displays the %RSP-3-ERROR MD error message

Core Issue

The %RSP-3-ERROR MD error message indicates a parity error has occurred. The accompanying messages indicate whether the bad parity is found on the Route Switch Processor (RSP) or on another card.


If a Cisco 7500 series router produces the %RSP-3-ERROR MD error message, evaluate the accompanying error messages, as shown in the following examples: 

  • In the following example, Static Random Access Memory (SRAM), which is on the RSP, is producing the parity error.
 %RSP-3-ERROR MD error 0000008000008000
%RSP-3-ERROR SRAM parity error (bytes 07) 20
%RSP-3-ERROR MEMD parity error condition

The logs show an MD error on the RSP that indicates that the RSP pulled data with bad parity from SRAM and sent it out over the CyBus.

  • In the following example, CyBus 1 is the source of the parity error, indicating that a card on CyBus 1 is the cause:
 %RSP-3-ERROR   MD error 0080008000030003
%RSP-3-ERROR   Cybus1 parity error (bytes 07) 0F
%RSP-3-ERROR   bus command write 4bytes (0xE)
  • If the parity error message indicates one of the following, the RSP is the source of the parity error:

     MC control parity error
     RP parity error
     SRAM parity error
     QA parity error

  • If the parity error message indicates one of the following, an interface processor on the corresponding CyBus is the source of the parity error:

     Cybus0 parity error

     Cybus1 parity error

As with all parity errors, a one-time occurrence may indicate only a transient  issue. Monitor for a repeat occurrence.

If multiple parity errors occur, a hardware replacement may be necessary.

For more information on troubleshooting parity errors, refer to Processor Memory Parity Errors (PMPEs).