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A Cisco Catalyst 6500 or 6000 series switch running CatOS logs the SYS-3-SYS_LCPERR3 syslog error message

Core issue

SYS-3-SYS_LCPERR3: Module [dec]: Coil [dec] Port [dec] stuck [dec] times ([dec] due to lcol; [dec] due to notx) is a system error message added to the Catalyst OS (CatOS) code versions 7.2(2) and later. This message normally indicates that the module has detected a problem with the port ASIC and that a port is locked up.

This error message does not necessarily indicate a hardware problem. This error occurs for the first time if the switch had late collision due to a duplex mismatch or a long cable. However, there is a software bug in the CatOS 7.2(2) code that causes the switch not to check for incremental errors. It simply logs the same error repeatedly.

Cisco bug ID CSCdx79107 addresses this issue. While this is a cosmetic bug, the problem is fixed in CatOS version 7.3(1).


To view the counter incrementing problem in detail, issue the show logging buffer 1023 command.

The syslog error generated is similar to this:

2005 Aug 02 09:20:16 %SYS-3-SYS_LCPERR3:Module 5: Coil 3 Port 1: stuck 
  3 times(3 due to lcol; 0 due to notx) 
  2005 Aug 02 10:10:45 %SYS-3-SYS_LCPERR3:Module 5: Coil 3 Port 1: stuck 
  3 times(3 due to lcol; 0 due to notx), where
Module [dec] is the module reporting the error.
Coil [dec] is the ASIC number reporting the error.
Port [dec] is the ASIC port with the error.
stuck [dec] is the error duration. The last two [dec] are the lcol and notx 

To turn off the syslog error messages, issue the set errordetection portcounters disable Privileged mode command.

Also, check the port physical status for a duplex mismatch, out-of-sync network interface cards on the attached workstations, the error disable condition, late collisions, or any link level errors. To resolve the issues that result from any of these problems, refer to these documents:

Note: If the error is limited to a single module, see if simply replacing the module resolves the issue. If the error occurs on multiple ports of a module, upgrade the code on the module to 7.3(1) or later as a possible fix.

If the error occurs several times, contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to address this issue further.

Problem Type

Syslog error message received

Catalyst switch

Catalyst 6000 series switches

Catalyst 6500 series switches

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