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After an MSFC upgrade, the user is unable to save the running-config to the startup-config

Core issue

Configuration information resides in these two places when the Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC) operates:

  • The default (permanent) configuration in Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM)
  • The running (temporary) memory in RAM

The default configuration always remains available. NVRAM retains the information even when the power is shut down. However, the current information is lost if the system power is shut down.

For more information, refer to Performing General Startup Tasks section of Catalyst 6000 Family MSM Install/Config Note.


To sync the NVRAM in the ROM Monitor (ROMmon) mode, perform these steps:

Note: This procedure erases the configuration on the NVRAM, so the switch comes up with a default configuration.

  1. Console connectivity to the switch (either physically onsite or with remote access) is required.  

  2. In order to transfer the console to the MSFC, issue the switch console X command, where X is the slot number of the MSFC (normally 15 or 16).  

  3. Reload the MSFC.  

  4. While the MSFC loads, break into the ROMmon mode. For more information on this procedure, refer to Standard Break Key Sequence Combinations During Password Recovery.  

  5. Issue the set command.  

  6. Enter CONFIG_FILE= in order to clear the CONFIG_FILE. Issue the sync command, and then boot up the switch.

This is an example:

msfc3#:copy run tftp
msfc3#:erase start
msfc3#:copy tftp start
msfc3#:reload (to ROMmon)
rommon 1 >set
rommon 2 >CONFIG_FILE=
rommon 3 >sync
rommon 3 >reset