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Assigning Addresses for NAT

I want to know the best way to asssign public ip adddress for nat.

My isp has given me a small block of IP addresses. ( /

which i want to assign to be used in NAT on my network.

the WAN ip address assigened by my ISP is and so assigend to the dialer interface on the router. (sicso 1841 with adsl wic)

what is the best way to set up the addresses on the router so I can use them in static nat translations to web servers.

I was thinking of assigning them to a loopback interface.

but what i want is for out going connnections (A internal network of broadband pc's) to talk out using the WAN IP address

then the addresses used for incomming connections from out side to our webservers.

my problem is that I need the intrenal PC to be able to connect to the webserver via there external address. (so i kind of U turn through the router/firewall)

and i cant get this to work.

At the moment I using inside and outside nat interfaces I was wondering I should be using the virtual interface and nat enababled interfaces.