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Can't show running-config and show startup in 4506E

hi all,

      do anyone meet this problem ?

when i try to "show running" or "show startup" in 4506E, i get the output" unable to get configuration try again later" and "%error opeing nvram:/startup-config".

from console.

is something wrong ?

best regards.


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‎07-29-2011 12:45 AM
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I guess, there was some process that tried using your nvram and failed to get access or the process got hang.......and now when you are accessing it you are not able to read the nvram contents.....................not sure, i am just thinking it may be like that.......

Was there any crash happened on your switch afterwhich you have not rebooted it ? crash can be even a memory allocation failure......this might be the case mostly....... I guess there was a memory allocation failure happened on your switch..........if yes, then reboot is required and IOS upgrade.

A reboot might work i guess, but before doing that have all required precautions ready to bring up the switch incase if it fails.