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%CBUS-3-CCBPTIMEOUT or %CBUS-3-CMDTIMEOUT errors are reported

Core Issue

The Route Switch Processor (RSP) has sent a command to an Interface Processor (IP) card in slot n, but the IP has failed to respond to the command within the expected time frame.

The two types of command structures used in communication between the RSP and IPs are the Command Control Block (CCB) commands and generic commands. Each has its own variant of a command timeout error, as shown in the following examples:

%CBUS-3-CCBPTIMEOUT: CCB handover timed out, CCB address, slot n

%CBUS-3-CMDTIMEOUT: Cmd timed out, CCB address, slot n

The condition which leads to the reporting of %CBUS-3-CCBPTIMEOUT and %CBUS-3-CMDTIMEOUT errors is almost always a consequence of a previously encountered error condition on the IP.


Most of the time, the sequence of %CBUS-3-CCBPTIMEOUT or %CBUS-3-CMDTIMEOUT errors is immediately preceeded by messages that report an error condition on the IP (for example, a crash). Look for the first appearance of the %CBUS-3-CCBPTIMEOUT or %CBUS-3-CMDTIMEOUT error in the log, and act upon the errors that were reported above.

If these errors are reported during a boot or online insertion of an IP and are not preceeded with any error sequence that reports a failure of the IP, then the RSP waited long enough for the IP to come up. This indicates a software defect in the RSP code.

For known related bugs, refer to the Bug Toolkit in the Cisco IOS  Software Release running on your router.

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