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Cisco IOS File System

The IOS file system consists of a number of devices and psuedo-devices which store interesting and useful information pertaining to the operation of an IOS device. The specific device availability varies by platform. There are a family of IOS commands designed to operate on IFS entities (like dir, erase, copy, etc).

IOS File System Types
Filesystem Usage Description Available platforms
nvram:nvram:Storage of configuration informationAll
flash:flash[:partition:]path/filenameOn-board flash memory
disk[0-1]:disk[0-1]:pathLocal rotating disk drive, specified by number
slot[0-1]:slot[0-1]:pathFlash card in PCMCIA slotPCMCIA flash slot platforms
tftp:tftp://IP-address/path/fileTFTP service to a remote fileall
ftp:ftp://IP-address/path/fileFTP service to a remote fileall
rcp:rcp://IP-address/path/fileRCP service to a remote file
bootflash:bootflash:Boot Flash memory (holding the minimum boot image)
null:null:Discards the copy stream
slavenvram:slavenvram:NVRAM on the slave RSPHSA RSP cards
slavebootflash:slavebootflash:Bootflash on the slave RSPHSA RSP cards
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