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Config check with show run

Config check with show run

If you are getting information from your running configuration by  entering the command "show run" and if you want to check the specific part of configuration during the running configuration output, just  enter the forward slash "/" and enter the matching word. IOS will  search forward the matching word in the output. Then you can find out the exact match of your required output into the running  configurations.

- Naveed Khan, Cybernet, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Editor's Note: This also works in all multi-page show commands  ("show crypto map", "show ip nat translation", etc.)

On a side note, there are other powerful tools to inspect a  running-config. We more often use:

  • "show run interface ..." to check a particular interface
  • "show run | begin <word>" to start displaying the config at a specific line containing <word>
  • "show run | include <word>" to display all the lines containing the given <word>
  • "show run | section <word>" is a good one, too