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Configuring and Utilizing the License Call Home Feature


On the ISR G2's, specifically in 15.0 and 15.1 IOS code, a feature was created known as License Call Home.  This feature is designed to communicate with the Cisco licensing infrastructure and retrieve the appropriate license for your device.  This document describes the steps to implement and use this feature.


- See the Prerequisites and Restrictions section of the Configuration Guide.


1) First, the appropriate certificate will need to be obtained.  From a Firefox browser window, navigate to the following site -

2) Once there, double-click on the gold lock icon in the bottom-right corner of the page.

3) Next, click on the 'Security' section and then 'View Certificate' -


Then, select 'Builtin Object Token ...' and click 'Export...'


4) For 'Save as type', select 'X.509 Certificate with chain(PEM)'.

5) Next, find a base64 encoder.  These can be found through searching on Google.  Once one is found, encode the certificate you exported using the tool.  The first few lines of the encoded certificate should look similar to the following -




6) Use steps 1-2 of the following link to configure the certificate on the router -

7) Once the crypto certificate is configured, issue 'license callhome resend' and the license should be retrieved by the router from the licensing server.

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