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cwjava.exe consumes CPU memory

Core issue

The CiscoWorks process sometimes consumes a great deal of resources.

This is normal behavior. During the initial discovery, ANI queries the devices sequentially starting at the seed device.


To resolve this issue, take note of the "Pid" for cwjava.exe in Task Manager.

Refer to the PID output for the pdshow command, and take note of the Process name, as shown:

    Process= ANIServer
    State = Running with busy flag set
    Pid = 5653
    RC = 0
    Signo = 0
    Start = 09/23/04 08:33:39
    Stop = Not applicable
    Core = Not applicable
    Info = ANIServer started.

Reduce the resources used by this process by performing one of these steps:

  • Limit the number of devices managed by that process.  
  • Increase the polling interval.  
  • If possible, install the application using that process in a dedicated server.

For more information kindly refer The Initial Discovery Takes Longer Than The Subsequent Discoveries part of  Troubleshooting the ANI Discovery Used by Campus Manager and User Tracking

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