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Duplex mismatches in Campus Manager

Core issue

A duplex mismatch is reported if the settings on two sides of a link are different.


Issue the show interfaces command for Cisco IOS  Software and the show port command for Catalyst OS (CatOS) commands, and check the duplex settings on both sides of the link. Make sure they match. If the settings on both devices match, check the reported values through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

For CatOS and Cisco IOS switches, refer to this output:

# snmpwalk -c public portDuplex


: INTEGER: full


: INTEGER: half

For Cat2900/3500, refer to this output:

# snmpwalk -c public c2900PortDuplexStatus


Entry.c2900PortDuplexStatus.0.1 : INTEGER: halfduplex cisco.ciscoMgmt.ciscoC2900MIB.c2900MIBObjects.c2900Port.c2900PortTable.c2900Port

Entry.c2900PortDuplexStatus.0.2 : INTEGER: fullduplex

For Cisco IOS routers, refer to this output:

# snmpwalk -c public dot3StatsDuplexStatus
transmission.dot3.dot3StatsTable.dot3StatsEntry.19.9 : INTEGER: halfDuplex
transmission.dot3.dot3StatsTable.dot3StatsEntry.19.10 : INTEGER: fullDuplex

If the device does not return the correct information through SNMP, upgrade the device to the latest image. Refer to LAN Switching Software.

If the device returns the correct information, install the latest Campus Manager Incremental Device Update (IDU). Refer to Software Download: Ciscoworks Campus Manager Patches.

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