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During MSFC bootup, the "%SYS-6-READ_BOOTFILE_FAIL" error message appears in Catalyst 6500 series switches

Core issue

This message means that a configured boot system command failed.

These are the reasons that can cause this:

  • The image or file is no longer available in the Flash.
  • The Flash device is not accessible.
  • Boot statement configured or the filename typed in the boot command is incorrect.


Complete these steps in order to resolve this issue:   

  1. Issue the no boot system command. This command removes all the earlier boot commands configured.  
  2. Issue the boot system command in the same order as you want the MSFC to try while you boot.

Note: If the boot commands are not configured, MSFC tries for all bootable files in the order they appear in the Flash device.

Refer to the MSFC or MSFC2 throws SYS-6-READ_BOOTFILE_FAIL error while booting section of Troubleshooting Hardware and Related Issues on the MSFC, MSFC2, and MSFC2a for more information.

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