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EEM script to log when ADSL sync speed drops

Recently, I noticed that my home internet performance was patchy so I decided to investigate further. To observe how my ADSL sync rate performs over time, I created an EEM script to monitor it and log when it falls below a certain rate. Now that I've got this working, I'd like to share this with the Cisco community in case anyone else finds this useful.

I'm using a Cisco 877 with 15.1M(6) IOS.

Generally, I get a sync rate around 8Mbps which I can verify via 'show dsl int atm0'. I wanted to check this every 30 mins and when it fell below 4Mbps to generate a syslog.

My configuration:


snmp-server community public RO


event manager applet ADSL_SPEED

event snmp oid get-type exact entry-op lt entry-val "4000000" poll-interval 1800

action 1.0 syslog priority notifications msg "ADSL sync speed has fallen below 4Mbps"




The SYSLOG output looks like this:

router#show log | in EM

Jul  4 15:22:31: %HA_EM-5-LOG: ADSL_SPEED: ADSL sync speed has fallen below 4Mbps


I hope people out there find this useful :-)

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