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FastEthernet Capability and RTG

Hi there

We have used monitoring application such as RTG, PRTG to measure our port bandwidth.

But, Although port type is FastEthernet(10/100 Mbps Support), I sometimes find that the traffic exceeded more than 100 Mbps when we monitor the interface by using traffic measurement solution as above.

Is it possible for FastEthernet port to exceed 100 Mbps? otherwise, the measurement is just a bug or error caused by miscalculation of monitoring solution?

The following picture is what I described above.   we use WS-X6348-RJ-45 in 6500 chassis.  and the opposite site also use FastEthernet in C3550.

our monitoring solution is RTG (Real Traffic Grabber)


in addtion, we also find the phenomeno like above in opposite site.  they also use another solution such as PRTG (commerial license)

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