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Front End Processor (FEP)

Complete Definition

A front end processor (FEP), or a communications processor, is a small-sized computer which interfaces to the host computer a number of networks, such as SNA, or a number of peripheral devices, such as terminals, disk units, printers and tape units. Data is transferred between the host computer and the front end processor using a high-speed parallel interface. The front end processor communicates with peripheral devices using slower serial interfaces, usually also through communication networks. The purpose is to off-load from the host computer the work of managing the peripheral devices, transmiting and receiving messages, packet assembly and disassembly, error detection, and error correction. Two examples are the IBM 3705 Communications Controller and the Burroughs Data Communications Processor.

Sometimes FEP is synonymous with a communications controller, although the latter is usually not as flexible.

Front end processor is also used in a more general sense in asymmetric multi-processor systems. The FEP is a processing device (usually a computer) which is closer to the input source than is the main processor. It performs some task such as telemetry control, data collection, reduction of raw sensor data, analysis of keyboard input, etc.

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