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Geo Fence

4G wireless and the accompanying network devices provide flexibility and ease of placement for sites, kiosks and machines needing connectivity. However it also means that unauthorized removal, placement or movement of that device may allow inappropriate access to an organization’s network and resources.

The operation of a 3G/4G wireless device in an unauthorized location is not a new concern. To protect portable and mobile devices, location-based services can be deployed, the assets tracked, and alerts provided if the asset is in an unauthorized geographical location. This function is referred to as “geo-fencing”.

The Cisco ISR G2 family of routers can have one or more embedded LTE interfaces. In addition to 4G access, GPS function is built into the LTE interface.

This ISR  uses EEM and GPS to log, and optionally alert (text) and/or disable LTE use when an ISR is operating out of an allowed geographic area.